“Using meibography has been a very easy transition for the practice. Just as retinal photography helped us, we’re finding the Meibox to be quite easy for the patient to understand and appreciate which aspect of the eye we are studying. Identification of meibomian gland dysfunction is documented with the patient, and it allows for a conversation about preserving eyelid integrity and preservation of tear function...quite simply, patients are finally able to understand the complexities of anterior segment even better. From a functional standpoint, I find it essentially a ‘click and shoot’ instrument; techs could use it easily. And as an educational tool, we find compliance and motivation with the patient to be strengthened. As for acceptance as a ‘private pay’ procedure, I haven’t had one patient decline or question it’s importance. Putting Meibox into our office at the year end of 2016 was an excellent decision!”

Tem Gronquist, O.D.
​Santa Barbara Optometry

"Regarding the Meibox and software, in general, it is so much easier explaining MGD and DES to patients with a picture of them versus a normal. Before it was all theoretical to them and now they actually get it! I hate dry eyes (I think that all eye care professionals do), but this has made dry eyes so much easier to document."

Austin Bach, D.O., MPH

"The Meibox has been an amazing documentation and education tool. Patients are amazed and compliant with treatment once they see the atrophy in their meibomian glands. We’ve also received outstanding and personal service from the Meibox team.

Elise Brisco, O.D.
Los Angeles, California

"Great device! Once patients see the changes in gland morphology, they will be more amenable to therapy. Will see increase in sales of Vitamin supplements, hot compresses, lid hygiene and even Lipiflow for those that use this. Necessary piece of equipment to screen for non -obvious MGD. Tim and staff are easy to work with. All cloud based, easy to access reports on any PC. Great price, you'll be surprised at how much MGD that you are missing. Many MGD pts do not report symptoms."

Alan B. Schlussel, O.D.
New Jersey

"The Meibox is great! We have had it for 7 months. It is able to acquire images very easily. We have 4 exam rooms, so it is great because it is so mobile and plug/play. The cloud-based storage is simple and easy to access from any of our PCs. By far the best attribute is the price, because it is cheaper than similar instruments we can pass the savings onto the patient. "

​Jason Sifrit, O.D.

"We love the Meibox! We have been able to actually show patients their meibomian gland atrophy and this really helps them understand why they have symptoms and really helps to increase compliance with treatment! I would definitely recommend the Meibox to any primary care practice or a practice specializing in ocular surface disease. In addition, we have been able to charge patients for this test and this has helped increase our practice revenue."

Elise Kramer, O.D.

"Before using meibography, I used external photography with vital dyes to explain to patients what I was" seeing on the ocular surface. With Meibox, patients see what I am seeing below the surface and are more inclined to start therapy earlier. More importantly, the asymptomatic patients are willing to move forward with preventative treatment."

Lawrence Filak Jr., O.D.
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