The First HD Slit Lamp Mounted Cloud Based Meiborgrapher

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The Meibox® is the first portable slit lamp-mounted cloud-based infrared camera. The Meibox® is a non-contact camera capable of capturing images of the external eye in black and white including Meibomian Gland structures.

What Can Meibox® Do?



Capture Stunning HD Meibography. Easily evert upper lids without the hassle of large placido disc.


Photo Processing

Intelligent lighting allows for quick lighting enhacements of the glands with a click of a button.

Meibox® Features

5MP high resolution imaging system
Adjustable camera height
Adjustable Nob
Anodized silver aluminum chasis
Universal pin mount
The Power of the Cloud

The Power of the Cloud

Hardware is only part of the equation in terms of building a high-performance camera system. Box Medical Solutions has created a cloud platform to eliminate a lot of the headaches associated with traditional technology such as expensive server maintenance costs, database that becomes obsolete, and software that is not easily updated. By building the platform on a cloud server, you are ensured that your camera system will always operate on the latest software version with built-in updates. Eliminate the need for paying for user licenses with a centralized database and never worry about losing data due to computer malfunctions.

  • Cloud Supported
  • Built-In Software Updates
  • Unlimited Licenses
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Easy Intuitive Software
  • Secure Data
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